mandag den 4. april 2016

JAVA shit

Why is it that Oracle keep putting in the different small installers in the Java updater. Well it one why to trash peoples computers with different shit that  is getting installed. Well it is not everyone that understand English.

torsdag den 31. marts 2016

Computer freezes for a few seconds

This evening I got the crazy idea that I would reinstall my computer.
Normally I do not have problems but after installing some applications I got some weird behaviour like lagging for the hole computer.

Well I search the net to find a solution but it seams like no of the solutions on the internet would work for me.

Well I got this docking station from ASUS and the is a link to a monitor that is also used by another computer.

When you use the utility

The Duplicate Desktop was enabled and that resulted in the lagging I disabled this and all work fine.
Now I have to figure out the problem persist if that is the only computer connected to the monitor.